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Emergency Pet Care of Texas

Emergency Veterinary Care in Magnolia

Compassionate Urgent Care for Your Pet

Pets can’t tell us exactly what’s wrong. Ultimately, if you’re worried, don’t hesitate to call our compassionate veterinary team. We believe that it’s important to provide high-quality medical care to your pet, no matter what time of day.

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Experienced Emergency Services

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital, Emergency Pet Care of Texas is fully equipped to provide urgent and emergency care to your beloved pets. We are not a replacement for your regular veterinarian; rather, we work to make sure that your pet is getting the care they need when they need it most. Our Magnolia veterinarians work hard to get your pet back on all fours and then coordinate with your regular veterinarian to ensure that their follow-up and ongoing care is suited to your pet’s needs.

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We provide the following services:

  • Minor illness care – If your pet is under the weather or feeling uncomfortable, our team can make sure they are getting the treatment they need to get back on all fours.

  • Critical care – When your pet is experiencing a more severe condition, we can provide fluid infusions and oxygen therapy, as well as treat ingestion of toxic substances or provide anti-venom treatments.

  • Monitoring – Because we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are able to provide around-the-clock monitoring of your pet if they are critically ill or recovering from surgery.

  • Radiological imaging – Our in-house diagnostic services include digital x-rays and ultrasounds to get a closer look at your pet’s internal systems with review by board-certified radiologists.

  • Laboratory testing – Our on-site laboratory is able to conduct comprehensive blood testing with results delivered as quickly as 15 minutes.

  • Surgical services – We have full surgical capabilities on-site with state-of-the-art equipment for monitoring your pet and keeping them comfortable both during and after their procedure.

Bring your pet into Emergency Pet Care of Texas right away if they are experiencing any of the following conditions:

  • Trauma or impact injuries – Some injuries aren’t visible to the naked eye. If your pet has taken a fall, was hit by a car, or had some other impact, it’s important to get them to us for an evaluation right away.

  • Bite wounds – Whether your pet was playing too roughly with another pet at the dog park, or if they have encountered a wild animal in your backyard, bite wounds can be more serious than they appear. In addition to bleeding, there could be damage under the surface or the beginnings of an infection if not treated quickly.

  • Difficulty or labored breathing – If you notice that your pet is breathing quickly, wheezing, or if they appear to be breathing too hard, it can be a sign of injury or infection. Because your pet needs oxygen to power their body, respiratory issues should be taken seriously.

  • Uncontrollable vomiting – There are many reasons your pet might be vomiting repeatedly, from ingesting a toxic substance or due to obstruction by a foreign body. Regardless, excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration and other complications, which should be taken care of by one of our veterinary professionals.

  • Toxin exposure – From human foods to pest control measures, pets can get into a lot of things that are harmful to their bodies. If you notice your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have, or if they are exhibiting other symptoms, such as vomiting, bring your pet into Emergency Pet Care of Texas to ensure they are properly taken care of.

The above list is not exhaustive. If your pet is bleeding, seizing, or having a difficult labor and delivery, our Magnolia veterinarians are ready to help. Don’t wait – call us today.